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Terminus- Exhibition

Exhibition of Dissertation Projects from the University of Navarra

Discover the creative process used in architecture in the exhibition “TERMINUS”, a landscape of new architects, graduating from the School of Architecture at the University of Navarra, who seek to ensure a better world. This is a sample of the best dissertation projects for 2017-2018. TERMINUS is the end and the beginning. The end of the academic career and the start of a period where the capacity to imagine new worlds opens a horizon of infinite possibilities.
Schedule: 9:00 – 14:00

Mass Tourism - Exhibition

Photographic Exhibition

With the collection, Mass Tourism, photographer Marc Javierre-Kohan wishes to subject the spectator to their status as tourist and consumer of public space and tourist apartments, to show how this behaviour leads to serious gentrification processes and the destruction of human and social networks in neighbourhoods and cities.

Under the Kalahari Sky - Exhibition

The exhibition “Under the Kalahari Sky” is to present the project “PARTY”, Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth. The aim of “PARTY” is to contribute to resolving the problems linked to youth unemployment in developing countries with the creation of participatory tools for human development.

Insights into Human Rights - Exhibition

Graphic Design Exhibition

With this exhibition, the UPV/EHU, together with the Secretary for Human Rights of the Basque Government, and in collaboration with EIDE, join the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thirty designers have come together in a group project of «insights» expressed on posters on each of the 30 human rights.

Industries & Design 2018

New territories for innovation

In line with the Hyperdesign concept, this new edition of the Industries & Design conference explores, based on national and international practical cases, borders, disciplines and tools to help businesses to innovate.


Expand the limits of design

The Hyperdesign concept has been chosen as the theme for the BBDW18. With the aim of making what this concept wishes to express more visible, an exhibition has been designed which brings together the work of new artists and designers whose work crosses the borders between disciplines, languages and technologies.

Biziago - Exposition

Biziago student edizioa!: 2nd Design Contest to reactivate empty commercial premises in the Old Quarter

The contest, promoted by the City Council of Bilbao and Bizkaia School of Decorators and Interior Designers (CODDB) is aimed at interior design students from the I.D Arte School of Art in Vitoria-Gasteiz. They are asked to submit interior design proposals for new premises in the Old Quarter. The public and a professional jury will choose the winning proposal.

FIG BILBAO. Seventh edition.

International Festival of Printmaking and Art on Paper

Meeting with gallery owners and artists from the world of printing. Thursday 15, Art and Companies. Friday 16, Art and Woman; Ouka Leele, guest artist. FIG Night. Live exhibition of prints. Children’s workshops.

Cities&Design 2018

New urban settings, new connections

As the space we live in is a common space, it must be designed in a collaborative and creative manner, mixing the different disciplines of knowledge so that ideas emerge from this hybridisation to construct the city in which we would like to live. The architects Izaskun Chinchilla and Juan Sádaba will show us their vision about this issue.

BBDW18 Opening Party

BBDW18 Opening Party

To celebrate the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Hyperdesign – Expand the limits of design”, we would like to bring together all the people involved in this BBDW18 at a party to get this new edition underway.


European Inspiration from Bilbao Bizkaia

Meeting point for professionals, students and teachers from the different design disciplines where they can enjoy a wide range of inspirational conferences with the participation of leading national and international creators.

It will make their heads burst! What we would like our children to watch on TV

New consumer habits and media literacy

At a round table we will try to provide answers from different areas of the society to the doubts arising when, on a professional level, we have to design the running order for children’s television production.

Design as the star of animation cinema and video games

Description of the creative processes for the design of video games and animations from the initial idea to the final digital content.

Design Kalea 1.0

Guided tour of city-design meetings

Design Kalea 1.0 is a guided tour given by urban design professionals. It takes place all over Bilbao and is intended to show the relation between design, the city and people through different events. DK1.0 is the result of a collaborative design process which now requires the participation of the public. Length: 2 hours. (12:00-14:00)

Object Book - Family workshop

Family game workshop looking at architecture, literature, drawing and design. When we make a book, are we building? Is there architecture in a book? When we write, are we drawing? We want each person to create their own book in this workshop.

Drawing the Sun - Family workshop

Using play, we aim to stimulate our natural curiosity, to explore, learn and have fun. Through the teachings of Bruno Munari, we discover more about the sun, and learn about the different ways it can be represented; because when the sun rises it is one set of colours and when it sets it is another. We will play poetically with shades and geometry.

Filling the paper

Chat with Katsumi Komagata, Yolanda Mosquera and Euskal Irudigileak

We will talk about the roles of the illustrator, editor and professional associations in the current world of publishing.

Scribble Machines - Children workshop

Creation of "artist robots"

Workshop on the creation of “artist robots” using a small motor connected to a personally-designed structure. Subsequently, the creations will be used to create a joint drawing.

The second surprise

Workshop with Katsumi Komagagta

The feeling or emotion we feel when we are not expecting something to happen. An unforeseeable or unexpected event.

Sound Drawings- Youth workshop

Creation of a "squeaking pencil"

Workshop to create an electronic device, by welding on a circuit board, which when connected to a pencil makes a noise as it draws.

Professional Breakfasts

Professional and training capsules on construction systems or materials for optimum resolution of projects. Location: CODDB’s Headquarters


"There is no escape, present times require interaction, collaboration and transparency." _The CoCreators

How do we introduce processes into our organisations which will allow users to design the future with us? A growing challenge for professionals and organisations which we will explore with a day of conferences, a presentation of practical cases and experimentation with methods and dynamics.


Open Studio Bilbao Getxo

The Open Studio Bilbao Getxo is an activity which forms part of the EIDE DESIGN DAY 2018. It is an open day to allow people to discover the design studios of Bilbao and Getxo. There will be different routes over several days, and the collaborating studios will also organise activities for visitors.

Design for innovation in Africa

Presentation of the project “PARTY” Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth, co-funded by the European Horizon 2020 programme. A project for human development in South Africa and Namibia using participatory process and service design tools.

Gamification Technologies for the CCI

Presentation of environments for the application of the technology

Presentation of different environments for the application of gamification technologies and video games by the businesses belonging to the initiative, basquegameLAB, followed by a visit to the laboratory facilities


Open doors meeting. Standing proud!

Come and meet this global movement which aims to serve as inspiration, act as mentors and support the work of creative women from a female perspective. There will be a number of talks and wine for EVERYONE.

Sustainable Fashion Now - Conference + Workshop

The Future of Sustainable Fashion.

BIAAF and British Council join forces to celebrate in Bilbao the next edition of “#Sustainable Fashion Now “, an initiative aimed at promoting training and professionalization in sustainable fashion that will count on the participation of distinguished names of the industry.”


New ways of Producing and Manufacturing through the use of Open Technologies and Design.

Advantages and impact that open technologies and design, essentially derived from makerspaces, fablabs and hackerspaces, may have in traditional manufacturing companies. We analyse the impact of makerspaces on the city and on the business network.

Design Faktoria 2018

Designing for the digital era

Digitalisation opens a new area of action for design. The combined application of disciplines such as interaction design and service design plays a strategic role in the development of new advanced user experiences. Design Faktoria 2018 presents four papers by young design professionals in the field of digital design and user experience.

Vidrala MasterGlass Design Contest

Conferences, prize-giving and presentation of the next edition

Conferences given by Quim Larrea and Jon Abad, prize-giving ceremony for the third edition of the Vidrala Awards and presentation of the 4th Vidrala MasterGlass Design Contest.


Portfolio night

Portfolio Night is an event which forms part of the EIDE DESIGN DAY 2018, aimed at students and young designers (product design, graphic design, design of spaces, services…). The objective is to value the portfolios, resolve any queries, provide guidance and help them to access the labour market.


Closing party

After a number of different activities forming part of the EIDE DESIGN DAY 2018 —Open Studio Bilbao Getxo, the award-giving for the VIDRALA DESIGN CONTEST 2018 and Portfolio Night—, all the members of EIDE, and all the individuals who took part in the activities, are invited to a cocktail party.

Urbanbat Festival

Instant Cities

This edition of the cultural festival of urbanism and social planning looks at the phenomenon of major events, their relation to urban planning strategies, their impact on the landscape, economy and local culture.

Professional Breakfasts

Professional and training capsules on construction systems or materials for optimum resolution of projects.

MC Connected #1 – Neo materials: sustainability and high performance

Materials for the Design of better products in a circular economy.

Training session and meeting between professionals from different disciplines which will reveal the huge potential of new materials to improve the performance or behaviour of products, contributing to sustainability and the circular economy.

Dialogues about Talent with the Creative Industry Sector

New professional profiles, job opportunities

Round table about job opportunities in the creative industry sector, professional profiles which will be required in the medium- and long-term.

The Past, Present and Future of a Biscuit Factory

Discover Espacio Open, the most visited place on the creative island of Zorrozaurre

Espacio Open is a start-up accelerator for creative and social projects which works at the crossroads between art, design, technology and society. Discover the 2000 square meters of installations, including projects such as Fab Lab Bilbao, Open Your Ganbara or Maker Faire.

Design of Training Spaces

Day of talks on the design of spaces for training activities

Session of three talks given by architects, designers and trainers on their experiences in the design of spaces for the development of teaching methodologies and processes (Jesús Arrecubieta, Ricardo Ruiz, Josu Iriarte and Fernanda Lima).

Hyperdesign Exhibition - Dialogues

Dialogues between art and design

On the occasion of the exhibition “Hyperdesign. Expand the limits of design”, on Wednesday the 21st, some of the participating artists and designers will discuss their work and the boundaries between disciplines, languages and technologies which the exhibition reflects with the public.


EIDE Design Club

The BEGIHANDI EIDE Design Club is an open and free-of-charge meeting where design and creativity professionals and businesses share their way of working and the references which have inspired them with the audience. A good occasion to let yourself be surprised and to connect with lovers of design and creativity.

Pizza Kutxan

Designers trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV/EHU (University of the Basque Country) exhibit their work.

Discover the work of the leading designers from Bilbao and surrounding areas, trained at the UPV/EHU, and take home a limited edition piece of work produced exclusively for the event to remember their work.

Business Communications Meeting

Meeting of companies from the communications sector to analyse new trends and ending with networking among the participants.

The Abad restructuring - Exposition


For 50 years, the Abad family has been a benchmark in Basque design.
It is the turn of Iker and Jon Abad to thoroughly restructure this tradition.
Their furniture incorporates classic and modern values: localism, sustainability, the user…
Schedule: 11:30 – 12:30 / 15:30 – 18:30


BRAIN FOOD. Trends, design and gastronomy tourism

Multidisciplinary meeting based on tourism, gastronomy and design for professionals from the tourism and catering sectors, traders, entrepreneurs and enterprising professionals who would like a good dose of inspiration.

BBDW18 Closing Event

Closing event of the Bilbao Bizkaia D Week 2018 which will give visibility to certain success cases in the different sectors of the Bizkaia CCI, award the prizes for the Biziago programme and take stock of the BBDW18.

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