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Callygraphy in Arantzazu: the art of beautiful handwriting - Exhibition

Renowned calligraphers of the international scene will participate at the exhibition “Calligraphy in Arantzazu: the art of beautiful handwriting”. Each of them has expressed with their own particular techniques different verses of two of the most significant poems of the book «Arantzazu: euskal sinismenaren poema »written by poet Salbatore Mitxelena.


Web series fake trailer contest

Together with BIDC, Seriesland organises an express competition in which participants will have to record a web series fake trailer. Although the inscriptions can be done before, the subject will be announced to participants on November 16. The works can be delivered until November 20 and the final screening and the awards ceremony will take place the 23rd of November in the CAC1 conference room (Azkuna Zentroa).


International Print & Art Works on Paper Art Festival

FIG Bilbao is one of the most important international fairs of the Art on paper industry. Its sixth annual exhibition will take place between the 16th and the 19th of November in Bilbao’s Palacio Euskalduna exhibition and conference center. National and international art gallery owners will exhibit their art works in an open space of 5000 square metres. More than 300 artists and 18,000 visitors are expected to attend.

Sustainability in the fashion industry - Conference

Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution

Carry Somers, founder of global movement Fashion Revolution, will come to the Basque Country for the first time to talk about sustainability in fashion. The global fashion industry faces major challenges such as high pollution levels, transparency and the need to ensure decent jobs.

ARTs - Skills for the creative economy - Workshop

Visual Thinking Workshop - Business Thinking and Communication Tool

Consider the possibilities provided by Visual Thinking to your company’s day-to-day actions. This 4-hour workshop includes a theoretical approach as well as practical activities on how to apply it. No artistic skills are required. Register and participate.

Cities & Design - Design for the cities Workshop

Thinking and action in public services and policies design

We will focus on studying how design can contribute to the process of creation or improvement of public services and policies. We will see some examples of cases in which service design has been used both as a discipline and as a practice. We will also
compare and contrast these cases with the day-to- day experiences of those participants who wish to share them with everyone.

Do you dare to join us?

Cities & Design 2017 - Conferences

To explore, imagine, project, prototype, install – To explore,...

How does the practical part of design intend to create the necessary conditions to provide multiple and diverse solutions to today’s complex social needs. How to create the next generation of social and public services based on the dialogue and collaboration between citizens and institutions. How to design a sustainable future in common.

Selected from Bilbao - Meeting

International Design Inspiration

Selected is a meeting that focuses on visual culture in all its aspects. It is the first international design event that encompasses all its disciplines and faces them across the board. Its main activity consists of several lectures by some of the most important designers.

Ideiak Pil-Pilean – Workshop

Creative Industries and Gastronomy: An Inspiring Co-Creation Experience

Workshop aiming to generate new business opportunities by connecting the needs and challenges of the gastronomy and food industries with creative industries abilities. 2 challenges and lots of ideas! The Yandiola Restaurant and Winery Bodegas Itsasmendi will take part on it. Aimed at professionals working in the field of creative industries.

Funding the Cooperative City book presentation

Civic Economy and Finance of Community Spaces

Funding the Cooperative City explores experiments in community-led urban development in European cities. This book aims at highlighting the importance of self-organised, locally rooted, inclusive and resilient community networks and civic spaces. Place: WikiToki

Design and Gastronomy, hand in hand – Talk

With the participation of Eneko Atxa

Our house’s crockery, our kitchen’s instruments, a menu design, a website, a space, the experience of going to a restaurant … are part of gastronomy. Eneko Atxa will share his point of view about the importance of design in his day-to-day.

Conversations on the same level - Conferences

Present your project and share experiences

Conversations on the same level is an encounter that aims to overcome the barriers of communication generated by conferences. This modality aims to bring together professionals belonging to the same field of activity in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This way they can share experiences, concerns, inspiration, etc. with other professionals. Conversations on the same level intends to give voice to our professionals real day to day at the same time as it gives them the possibility of connecting and collaborating between them.

On one hand, this encounter aims to cover the needs of creating an alternative to the speaker- listener modality. On the other hand, it aims to point out real situations, solutions or problems with which professionals can identify themselves.

Put on your glasses. Discover virtual reality

Experience Mesoamerican ball game

Discover mesoamerican ball game through a virtual reality experience, using HTC Vive helmets. Practice this sport which during thousands of years was typical of pre-Columbian peoples. Players compete against a virtual Maya player, looking to get as many points as possible avoiding touching the ground and trying to get the ball into the hoop.

PlayStation® Talents Game Camp Corner 

Hand in hand with the support of Kaia Studios, Coven Arts and Relay Videogames, PlayStation Iberia

Kaia Studios located at Bilbao’s PlayStation Talents Games Camp (Beaz) and Relevo Videogames will let us test the new products they are currently developing together with PlayStation Iberia.

Wood exploration and carving workshop

Workshop for adults

During this workshop, you will learn to recognize different types of wood, their characteristics, the tree species to which they belong and their different themes. In addition, there will be a xylotheque where we will make case studies. After that, you will have the opportunity of making a rapid course of carving and you can take home your piece.

Drawing a tree - Workshop for families

Family Workshop - Bruno Munari Methodology - For children aged 3 or older

During this workshop which is aimed at families, we will pay homage to the forests by making all together a forest full of trees and a huge tree with the help of cardboard rolls. Each tree is different, but at the same time, all trees have many things in common. We thus approach the diversity wealth and grasp concepts by means of constructive play.

Stamping Techniques - Children's workshop

Have fun with stamping. For children aged 5 or older

We will learn about stamping techniques in an easy way, using among other materials, tiles, potatoes, carrots and Styrofoam trays. We will stamp drawings on different types of paper using tempera. Those who wish to can add different colors to the stampings and drawings.

Children's Pottery Workshop

Potter’s wheel participatory experience (8-14 years)

With the aid of the potter, during this workshop you can experiment with clay and with the potter wheel to create your own piece of pottery, which you can take home.

Professional Breakfast – Luz Bilbao and B-Lux

Luz Bilbao and B-Lux, renowned lighting manufacturers, will make a joint presentation. We will have the opportunity to see their lamp exhibition including the main brands of technical and decorative lighting, as well as B-lux latest novelties and possibilities. Location: Luz Bilbao (20 Rodriguez Arias Street).

Industries & Design - Masterclass Anna Meroni

ServDes. 2018: service design and innovation

ServDes is an unmissable event for professionals in this field who want to discuss service design and innovation. Anna, coordinator of ServDes 2018, will discuss and contrast next edition’s subjects with our professionals. If you want your perception to be part of ServDes 2018 then this is your masterclass.

Industries & Design - Masterclass Asier Pérez

Service design: case studies

Tips & tricks to perform and manage a Service Design project based on real cases. You will see one by one all the different phases of a project emphasizing the tips and tricks learned after more than 15 years working in this field.

Design Faktory 2017

Experiences in the design of advanced services - Conferences

Advanced services combined with the industry’s digitalisation open up doors to a new field of action in design. The combination of Service Design and Interaction Design will play an important role regarding the development of new advanced service experiences.

Industries & Design 2017 - Conferences

Service design: to innovate by adding value

This edition of Industries & Design attempts to focus on Service Design, a discipline that can contribute to provide companies with competitiveness and innovation. It is assumed that just selling a product is not enough anymore, it is necessary to offer services related to the product itself so as to the brand as well.

EIDE Design Day


During the day, the following activities will take place: Open Studio Bilbao, Bilbao’s Studios open day, the conference “David Abajo: From handmade design to computer mouse. 1966-2017 “, the screening of documentary “Creativity, are we all creative?”, the Portfolio Night, activity aimed at young designers whose purpose is to assess their portfolios and EIDE DESIGN DAY’s closing party.

Audiovisual & Digital Content InterCluster Meeting

Creating value in the multimedia age: innovation and cooperation

National Cluster meeting together with audiovisual and digital content companies. This meeting will aim to integrate and bring together national companies belonging to this sector as well as create synergies that will help them in their activity and development.

Biziago! - Awards Ceremony

Commercial Premises Design Contest

The Biziago! Project will award the 5 finalists along with the special award for best project of the Commercial Premises Design Contest. Biziago! is a pilot study of Bilbao’s City Council in collaboration with Biscay’s Decorators and Designers Association (CODDB) which aims to reactivate the business of empty commercial premises of Bilbao’s old town. Place: Bastida Hall. 

Tiny spaces, new places to live - Conferences

If you are thinking about decorating a tiny space, these are your talks

We will analyze minimum living spaces from a technical and creative point of view. To this end, professionals from interior design and industrial design will be present with the purpose of introducing some of their designs and solutions giving creative answers to “small spaces problems”.

The adventure of creating fashion - Conferences

A "live documentary" about the process of creating fashion

In this “live documentary”, professionals, videos and live demonstrations will help you to discover the adventure of creating a garment or accessory from the beginning to the end (fabrics selection, design, production, financing, sale, distribution..).

Professional Breakfast – MINiB

As head of MINiB, Jorge Vargas Ayastuy will talk about the heating market’s current situation, trends in heating, convectors, smart management and energy saving. Location: CODDB’s Headquarters (2 Arenal Street,  1st floor).

The game as a structure - Workshop

Applied Gamification Techniques - Workshop.

This Workshop will be led by Jorge Fuente, Lead UI & Game Designer at Init Services. After a presentation on the subject, a practical exercise will take place. This event deals with the methodology required to apply game structures in all types of platforms, at the same time as it improves the experience and engagement of users.

Vidrala Design Contest MasterGlass - Awards ceremony

Award Ceremony of the 2nd Annual Industrial Design Contest of Glass Containers

Prize-giving to the winners of the 2nd Annual Industrial Design Contest of Glass Containers. Introduction to the 3rd Edition of the Contest.

Begihandi #8 - Open meeting


BEGIHANDI is an open and free meeting in which professionals and companies from the field of design and creativity will share with the public all his good deeds so as their sources of inspiration. A good opportunity to open your eyes to surprise with new ideas so as to connect with other people who love design and creativity.

Professional Breakfast – Metalurgia Manufacturada

Metalurgia Manufacturada will show us a new way to install doors allowing any door to be integrated into any wall, a new door lock for passage doors and new designs of door handles with mini rosettes, the perfect finishing touch for this type of doors. Location: CODDB’s Headquarters (2 Arenal Street, 1st floor).


Intelligence starting from the fabric to access the hyperconnected world

You will find out in detail the technological innovations that are taking place in the fields of fashion and design, as well as new future trends. The debate will focus on the challenges, needs and problems that intelligent materials could solve in order to achieve connectivity within the creative world of fashion and design.

Map of the Basque Craftwork - Conference

Presentation of a scale model on the Basque craftwork map

Here, the professionals of the arts and crafts field will be introduced to a new website covering all the Basque Country’s craftsmanship sector. If you want to become part of this website attend this event.

Strokes for design - Callygraphy Workshop

Aimed at all those who love beautiful handwriting, this workshop will be leaded by calligrapher Bego Viñuela (Caligrafía Bilbao). We will have the opportunity of creating letters with different techniques and different means. We will see how the plasticity of the strokes reaches a dimension of reality, creating expressive forms and connections that induce reflection. 

Conclusions on the 5th Annual ENAD (National Meeting of Design Associations)

Summary of conclusions and results of working groups

The 5th Annual National Meeting of Design Associations (organized by READ), took place in Valencia on the 21st and 22nd of September. The meeting gathered together more than a hundred designers, CEO’s of companies, institutions and schools, distributed in six working groups. The conclusions reached will be presented here.


PechaKucha Night “special: Design Week” is a lifeline to the rest of the world which counts on the participation of 10 creative projects from Biscay. These projects will be presented in 20 * 20 format and therefore, you’ll get to know about them in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

An inspiring event in which you will have the opportunity to contact with other professionals.

Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week 2018

expanding the
limits of design.
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