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FashTech Conference

Technological Research for the fashion industry

Conference on technological innovation in the fashion industry, aimed at brands, designers, entrepreneurs, platforms and retailers. The programme combines meeting presentations and panel discussions focused on three main themes: manufacturing, distribution and communication.

Chile’s new design identity

New Chilean Creatives, Volume 1: Product Design

Chilean designer Juan Pablo Fuentes presents the book “New Chilean creatives, Volume 1: Product Design” that gathers the work of 36 creatives of the country who started their careers since the new millennium and have played an important role in the development of this discipline in the last ten years. The book – the first of a collection of 4 volumes in which Fuentes is still working-, obtained in 2015, the Fondart Award from the National Council for Culture and Arts of Chile.

Masterclass Julian Roberts

Substraction cutting

Fashion Designer, pattern maker and trainer in the major fashion schools in the world, Julian Roberts has developed a new cutting method that involves a total renovation in the way of working with patterns. After giving master classes on substraction cutting in more than 25 countries, he comes to Bilbao by the hand of Inedi Design School and BIAFF.

Retrace Project

Moving towards circular economy through Systemic Design

European cooperation project that promotes circular economy, with the participation of five regions, including Euskadi, represented by Azaro Fundazioa and Beaz. The meeting will discuss strategy, methodology and good practices. On the one hand, we will get to know how Bizkaia promotes the transition process towards a more sustainable economy and will see real examples of several local businesses. On the other, Silvia Barbero, professor at the Politecnico di Torino, will talk about systemic thinking and its application to design processes and sustainable development.

Workshop to create book covers

Graphic design of book covers: opening doors to reading

Leire Fernández and Eduardo Herrera, teachers of Design at the UPV/EHU, give the “Graphic design of book covers: opening doors to reading” workshop in order to reflect on graphic strategies to provide significance to graphic-visual communication.

Portuguese Architecture Day

Joao Mendes Ribeiro conference and guided tour of Bizkaia Aretoa UPV / EHU

Alvaro Siza and Joao Mendes Ribeiro are the protagonists of this day that COAVN Bizkaia dedicates to Portuguese architecture. The programme includes a guided tour of Bizkaia Aretoa and the conference “Building the constructed” in which Mendes Ribeiro will talk about the work that has earned him the FAD Architecture Prize 2016: Arquipélago Contemporary Arts Centre of São Miguel Island (Azores).

PechaKucha Night

First-person creative entrepreneurship experiences

Presentation of projects of young creative entrepreneurs of Bizkaia following the PechaKucha format; 20 images displayed for 20 seconds in a relaxed atmosphere, in which information and leisure don’t go against.

URBANBAT/ Transit Cities

Festival on Urban and Social Innovation

Festival on urban planning and social innovation that seeks to create a space where debate among different agents and urban activators enables collaborative transformation of cities. The theme of the 2016 edition is Transit Cities – Cities in transition, and the role of cultural in urban regeneration strategies is the common theme of the various activities (city laboratory, workshops, talks, visits, screenings, etc.) scheduled in this 5th URBANBAT.

Bilbao la Vieja, San Francisco, Zabala, Wikitoki, Bizkaia Aretoa

User experience and iterative design

Workshop of digital experiences that bring value to your users and results to your business

Workshop in which Zorraquino, branding, user experience and digital marketing consultancy of Bilbao, will try to convey the importance of topics such as information architecture, interface design or web usability when developing a digital communication project.

Ciclo Arki Zine BIA

Cinema thinks the City

Screening and discussion of the film “Under construction” by José Luis Guerín. Second edition of a series -curated by Jose Ignacio Lorente- that seeks to analyse how the cinematographic language reflects the transformation of the city in the XX century.

Francis Bacon: from Picasso to Velázquez

The mark that the French and Spanish cultures left in the production of the Irish painter

Selection of fifty paintings that are among the most important and attractive Francis Bacon ones, including numerous works that have hardly been seen in public previously, with thirty works of various classical and modern masters who influenced his career. The exhibition aims to deepen the impression that French and Spanish cultures left in the production of this British artist born in Ireland, passionate Francophile and great connoisseur of art of great Spanish masters such as Velázquez.

Workshop "Balenciaga Popular Costume Project"

From a teacher to a new generation of creative young people, through a project

Workshop for young fashion designers of Bizkaia with Stephanie Cooper and Maria Nishio, tutors of the Balenciaga Popular Costume Project in Central Saint Martins.

Cities & Design 2016

Cities for citizenship

In this edition, “Cities & Design” will approach design as a fundamental discipline for social innovation. During the event, local initiatives together with those from Graz and Torino, members of the UNESCO Cities of Design Network, will be presented.

Enric Jardí Conference

Designing the reading machine

Conference on the creation of book covers given by Enric Jardí, art director, designer and typographer whose work has focused mainly on magazine design, corporate image and book covers.

Children's workshops of basketmaking, and pottery and turning

A creative gesture that brings very special feelings

First contact with vegetable fibres and clay, by Bea Unzueta, belonging to a family of craftsmen with over one hundred years producing traditional basketry of the Basque Country, and Alex Gonzalez, artisan potter at Loitz Ceramics.

Professional breakfast

Los desafíos de la materia prima

Relaxed meetings around a breakfast and between professionals of decoration and interior design. Three different appointments linked by raw materials, in this case, ceramics, wood, and glass.

Demonstration of blown glass

Blown glass art

Workshop with Igor Obeso, glass craftsman that will show us how fire, air and know-how come together in an incredible performance in which the glass takes shape and covers space from almost nothing.

Communication, a platform for internationalisation

Lectures on the latest trends in creativity and communication

Networking session aimed at different economic sectors in order to raise awareness about the importance of communication in business strategy.

Industries & Design

Leading the new economy

Third edition of a conference that analyses the role of design in the innovation strategy of companies. On this occasion, the reflection will focus on the Design Driven Innovation concept and on sustainable design. Two renowned international specialists, Jonh Thackara and Roverto Verganti, and three companies of Bizkaia will help us to form an opinion on the subject.

UMHERRI- Basque Network of Childhood cities

City of infancy

Francesco Tonnucci conference and workshops that will discuss the city and childhood, and the need to rethink the shape and priorities used to design the common urban space.

Open Studio Bilbao

Open Day

Urban route visiting design offices members of EIDE- Basque Country Designers Association, to meet their design works and facilities, to converse and discuss their work processes.

Fun & Serious Game Festival

The largest video game Festival in Europe

The Fun & Serious Game Festival is the biggest video game festival throughout Europe and a reference point within the industry. Its mission is to recognise and promote the work of producers, directors, artists and video game developers through a programme that includes lectures, panel discussions, networking sessions and activities for businesses and for the general public. Among the novelties of this year, the Games Industry Forum (GIF), which will bring together all members of the sector, can be underlined. United Kingdom is this edition’s guest country.

Cristóbal Hara, "Miscelánea 1969 - 2006"

Innovative and personal work of a photographer who challenges the traditional photographic language

CFC presents a photographic exhibition of Cristobal Hara, one of the most influential authors of a new generation of photographers and recent Bartolomé Ros Award winner for the Best professional career for “the originality of his work, his unique vision and depth of his work over the past decades”.

His work is represented in museums like the Museum Stedlijk, in Amsterdam, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Reina Sofia, Madrid and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

LibreCon 2016

Business and Open Technologies Conference

The biggest business meeting to provide ICT Open Source solutions to the new challenges of the 4.0 Industry and the Financial Sector.

Riverbank of Deusto and Zorrotzaurre: Example of urban-maritime landscape in the estuary of Bilbao.

An urban transformation that will define the Bilbao of the XXI century

Exhibition on the urban development of the future Zorrotzaurre island and its water front. The sample includes a proposal for sculptural elements that could mark Deusto and Zorrotzaurre riverbanks.

Be Glocal II

Internationalisation of Creative SMEs

Second edition of the BeGlocal workshop to think about the process of internationalisation of creative SMEs. This time the invited delegations come from Scotland and France. Get to know their experiences and compare them with those of Basque companies is the aim of the meeting, promoted by the Basque node of the EEN Network.

Bilbao Maker Faire 2016

Festival on Creative Technologies

New edition of the longest-running fair of the Maker movement at state level, and one of the most important ones in Europe. Creative industries and technological innovation linked by a creative community that uses robotics, 3D printing or digital manufacturing to make their proposals. Workshops, conferences and more than a hundred projects of some of the most prominent technologists in the world, land on the former Biscuit Factory in the creative Zorrozaurre Island.

Feel like a model for a day

Live the experience of a fashion show

Bizkaiko Moda proposes us to be protagonists of a fashion show, putting a team of stylists, photographers and brands of the territory that will help us to become models for a day, at our disposal.

AzPlay 2016


Azkuna Zentroa celebrates from 23 to 27 November, the seventh edition of the International Independent Video Contest AzPlay. AzPlay is the meeting point for local and foreign professionals to exchange knowledge and experiences, but also the place where the public can experiment with the most creative and innovative games of international indie scene. The programme this year includes lectures and working sessions with the creators of the 25 finalists games of the competition and the Basque video game industry, as well as workshops aimed to publicise the video game collection of MediaTekaBBK, or to learn the process of coming up with a video game.

5 FIG Bilbao

International Print and Art on Paper Festival

International Fair of Art on Paper and Graphic Work that brings together commercial, museum and research offer. FIG Bilbao gathers 40 exhibitors and more than 300 artists, and includes a programme of conferences and debates, an Open Portfolio call for new creators, or a Torkulo Ekintza workshop and several exhibitions, among its parallel activities.

The culture of wine

Masters of printmaking from the Vivanco Collection

The Museum of Fine Arts hosts from November 8 an exhibition of the collection of prints from the Vivanco Foundation in which the wine culture and its expression from the XV century to the present day are the protagonists. This exhibition is part of the V International Festival of Engraving (FIG) and will run until February 6, 2017.

Selected Europe 2016

Visual culture in its different forms of expression. Visual Inspiration event.

Seventh edition of a meeting that features the visual culture in its different forms of expression, intends to share information and be a source of inspiration for new trends. To this end, in addition to a conference programme in which professionals around Europe are gathered, Selected proposes several parallel initiatives, including its expected exhibition catalog or “Selected’16: the expo”.

EIDE Portfolio Night

The opportunity to present your graphic design work and listen to professionals from the sector

Meetings between professionals and design students in which beginners may submit their portfolios to members of EIDE – Basque Country Designers Association, for advice and professional guidance. Short conferences and design audiovisuals will liven up the evening.

Webseries trailer contest by Bilbao Web Fest

Bilbao dynamising the webseries audiovisual industry

Second edition of the Webseries trailer contest, organised by Bilbao Web Fest coinciding with the D Week. Awards for the best trailer, the most creative, the TrendingTrailer, and the most retwitted video.

Farewell to the rhombus

Teresa Lanceta exhibition inspired on the textile tradition of the Middle Atlas

Exhibition by textile artist and painter Teresa Lanceta including tapestries, paintings and drawings that illustrate the artist’s own universe and her experiences with the knitting nomad communities of the Middle Atlas. The exhibition is completed with documentation on the popular art from regions bordering the Sahara, videos of interviews with local women and the collaboration of artists Nicolas Malevé and Lot Amorós. Exhibition co-produced by Azkuna Zentroa and La Casa Encendida of Montemadrid Foundation and curated by Nuria Enguita Mayo.

Square circle

Family expression games

Detalleres dynamises this workshop full of stories, movement and architecture that plays with the mix, the rhythm and the scale, and that seeks to develop singular and collaborative expression.

Amphitryon / Collective Intelligences / Zoohaus

Project to enable citizen participation in the cultural production of the city

The Collective Intelligences initiative invites us to participate in the “IC AZ / Bilbo Commons” project, which seeks to involve citizens and groups of Bilbao in various collaborative cultural activities. The project is part of the Amphitryon residence programme, promoted by Azkuna Zentrua.

Sector opportunities of cultural and creative industries in technology and innovation

Technology and Innovation for CCI sector Companies

Day to show how technology centres, technology and innovation can be key allies also for cultural and creative enterprises. To that end, Tecnalia proposes listening to interesting professional and learning about several success stories, plus asking ourselves a question: do I take advantage of the full potential that technology and innovation can bring to my business?

Zinebi 58

International Documentary and Short Film Festival

4109 short films and documentaries from 108 countries take part in the 58th edition of Zinebi. As every year, the selected ones will participate in the Official Section and will compete for the Golden and Silver Mikeldis in the categories of fiction, documentary and animation. Parallel sections and different awards complete the festival programme.

Design Faktoria: Design experiences from Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Exhibition of design projects developed by university students and researchers

Exhibition of projects by students of the Industrial Design Engineering, Service Design, and Design  Research Degree of Mondragon Unibertsitaea that will be presented -in an inaugural lecture- by professors and researchers. The exhibition focuses on practical applications and cutting-edge issues of industrial design, being the aim to publicise the wide range of aspects in which this discipline can bring value and competitiveness.


Playing for innovation in enterprises

Innobasque proposes to apply game dynamics to innovate in businesses. It does so through Binnakle, a new and verified tool that encourages creative thinking and innovation.

Vidrala Masterglass Design Contest

Award ceremony of the design competition organised by Vidrala

Conferences by Nacho Lavernia and Juli Capella. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Vidrala organised a competition of new ideas in universities and technical schools in the Basque Country. The first edition of Vidrala MastesGlass Design Contest concludes now with an event that in addition to the awards includes two conferences by Nacho Lavernia and Juli Capella, both recognised with the National Design Award, and a round table.

Technoshop 2016

Technology for commerce, the city and its neighborhoods

Activity that combines technology and commerce, jointly promoted by Bilbao Ekintza and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto, in order to give visibility to trade in the city and its neighborhoods and bring innovation and technology to everyday life. 20 shops from Bilbao and 68 students of the Industrial Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Degrees, take part in this second edition of Technoshop.

These are the participating shops.: Al Dente. Bilbao Xperiences. Urban Bike. Óptica Jesús. Cerrajería WIlma. Optikari. Vanaan. Trico Toki. Decoración Julio Aristin. Paragüería Leoz. Jota once. Level 11. Peluquería Nono. Javier de Peque. Abuelo Actual. Peluquería Ana de Miguel. El equipo de viaje. Psikolan. Bilbolamp. Nukak Bilbao.

Networking Kreatibo

Entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries sector

Presentation of the work of women with projects / companies of the creative sector and networking to promote synergies between them and the audience.

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